Mark Davis has been a successful photographer for more than 20 years. Initially focusing on pictorial slide photography where Mark won many awards. A return to university to study for a MBA meant that photography took a back seat for several years.

Once digital photography started to develop, Mark’s interest in photography was re-ignited. Digital photography was an excellent opportunity to combine his creative and computer skills with his passion for photography.

In 2010 Mark moved to Ballina and purchased Ballina Art & Framing to compliment his photographic interests. Mark has experimented with infrared photography over the last few years culminating in a successful exhibition at the Tweed Gallery in 2012. Infrared images can be seen at .

Recently Mark purchased a drone and looks forward to adding images and videos captured from the drone

Mark has decided to link all his photography digital editing experience together. To view a gallery images from the various digital formats, click on a link below:

  • photography – gallery of  recent images plus a small selection of archive images

  • digARTal – selected art images captured in camera or by phone and some post processing

  • infrascapes – infrared landscapes that capture invisible light that falls on our landscape

  • droneART – images and videos captured with the Phantom 4 Pro drone.

  • streetmeet – people images captured at various locations

  • bunya spires – our house on the hill surrounded by state national park

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